Probability’ in Darwin’s theory of evolution

The Darwin’s theory of evolution is probably the only theory which gained too much popularity because of many logical and systematical points and concepts. There are many theories and concepts about the evolution by the Darwin’s theory of evolution have no comparison.

However, the theory by Darwin is most appropriate and authentic one but there many drawbacks in the concept that have been mentioned after the death of Darwin. It was believed that Darwin’s theory of evolution is the most power theory which explains the concepts about the origin of life and evolution but the idea has been changed.

Subjects of molecular biology, biochemistry and genetics:

Current advancement and progress in molecular biology, biochemistry and genetics has shown that there are some drawbacks in Darwin’s theory of evolution. As a matter of fact when the theory of natural selection, the origin of the specie or world was presented by Darwin the related fields that are given above were under process.

There was a lack of authentic and useful information and knowledge about molecular biology, biochemistry and genetics. These subjects were designed on modern basis after several years of Darwin’s theory of evolution. The unavailability of knowledge and information about these important subjects reveals that the theory of evolution was not perfect as it should be.

Complex systems on the cellular level difficult to study:

The cell system of organisms is very complex. Studies have shown that the cell structures and compositions are so complex and difficult to understand without the help of advanced technologies and machinery. Darwin’s theory of evolution doesn’t explain the use of these subjects and technologies while defining evolution so it is believed that the perfectness of Darwin’s theory of evolution is doubted.

Although, there are many probabilities in this theory of evolution yet the only natural selection drawbacks are enough to debate. In order to define the cell structures and compositions for the explanation of the genetics of different organisms Darwin’s theory of evolution completely failed because it doesn’t provide sufficient satisfactory information and knowledge about the evolution of cells in the organisms which is responsible for the evolution of the whole organism.

More probabilities in Darwin’s theory of evolution:

All the tests and experiments conducted by Darwin were observational. However, these were near to the reality up to some extent but you can’t claim for the genetic change on the basis of observations.