Nowadays money and finance can appear in the most varied of forms and people can encounter them as a topic. However, a comparison with phenotyping and probability theory is particularly interesting, because after all, corresponding characteristics or even processes can also be found and determined very clearly in this environment. What is interesting as such is that the so-called phenotyping can be used to describe the differences between almost the same individuals, which basically corresponds to the fact that one has to decide between different securities when making the respective investment decision.

On the basis of the calculation of the probability theory, the chance of a loss in value or the desired increase in value of financial investment can also be recognized, which can result in corresponding possibilities. Of course, both areas do not only occur once in the field of finance but phenotyping and probability theory are nowadays used in slightly modified forms to identify correspondingly good and positive prospects on the stock market.

What certainly makes little sense on a small scale is a very good option, especially when managing larger sums and amounts of money. Since the individual securities are checked down to the smallest detail in the course of phenotyping, every tiny difference is worked out, which can ultimately be decisive for the rise or fall of an investment. Since the human factor of emotions can also be considered and included in the field of probability theory, the possible investment has also been examined from all different sides.

At first glance, phenotyping and probability theory may seem more like science, but the investor can use this knowledge in a slightly modified form for his own investment strategy at any time.