FD Cresyl Violet Solution

FD Cresyl Violet Solution is planned for the staining of the two neurons and glial cells. This arrangement can
be utilized with frozen or paraffin-inserted tissue segments fixed with any fixative (formalin liked). The
following method has been demonstrated to deliver magnificent outcomes generally speaking. Be that as it may, variety in tissues and tissue readiness might expect that the span for stages 6, 8 and 9 (cf. the following) be abbreviated or stretched to get the best outcomes. The staining technique requires roughly 1 hour and ought to be
completed at room temperature.

Staining Procedure:

1. Place in xylene or xylene substitutes for 3 minutes.
2. Place in 100 percent (200 proof) ethanol, 2 changes, 3 minutes each.
3. Place in 95% ethanol for 3 minutes.
4. Place in 75% ethanol for 3 minutes.
5. Place in refined water, 3 changes, 3 minutes each.
6. Stain in FD cresyl violet answer for 5-10 minutes relying upon the ideal power.
Note: the arrangement ought to be separated before use.
7. Wash momentarily in refined water.
8. Separate in 95% ethanol containing 0.1% chilly acidic corrosive for 1 moment.
Note: the staining power of both cell components and foundation diminishes quick
in this arrangement.
9. Get dried out in 100 percent (200 proof) ethanol, 4 changes, 2 minutes each (may delay to
decline the foundation staining).
10. Clear in xylene or xylene substitutes, 3 changes, 3 minutes each.
11. Coverslip in resinous mounting medium (for example Permount).

Size: 500 mL

Cat Number: 527-PS102-1

FD Cresyl Violet Solution, which is certified by the BIOLOGICAL STAIN COMMISSION, is the perfect xcellent for visualizing glial nuclei and neuronal cell bodies.

This is a highly purified product validated for use in multiple applications.

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Two focuses are advertised:

  • NDT202-1 Regular strength cost: $116.69
  • NDT202-2 Double-strength cost: $158.96

FD Cresyl Violet Solution™ (regular strength)

PS102-1 FD Neurotechnologies 500 ml 223.2 EUR

FD Cresyl Violet Solution™ (double strength)

PS102-2 FD Neurotechnologies 500 ml 278.4 EUR

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Cresyl Echt Violet Solution (0.1%)

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Cresyl Echt Violet Solution (0.1%)

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FD Thionin Solution™ (regular strength)

PS101-1 FD Neurotechnologies 500 ml 206.4 EUR

FD Thionin Solution™ (double strength)

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PS104-1 FD Neurotechnologies 500 ml 240 EUR

FD Hematoxylin Solution™ (double strength)

PS104-2 FD Neurotechnologies 500 ml 310.8 EUR

FD Luxol Fast Blue Solution™

PS109 FD Neurotechnologies 500 ml 298.8 EUR

Cresyl Violet Acetate

abx082601-10g Abbexa 10 g 744 EUR

Cresyl Violet Acetate

abx188660-10g Abbexa 10 g 577.2 EUR

Cresyl Violet acetate

HY-101888 MedChemExpress 100mg 142.8 EUR

Cresyl Violet perchlorate

HY-101889 MedChemExpress 50mg 223.2 EUR

Cresyl Violet acetate

GT8071-1G Glentham Life Sciences 1 g 93.6 EUR

NDT202 cresyl violet arrangement, produced using cresyl violet acetic acid derivation affirmed by the BIOLOGICAL STAIN COMMISSION and with a bit by bit client’s manual imprinted on the jug, is explicitly intended for simple use in a wide range of research centers. This arrangement is figured out and broadly tried for the staining of nerve tissue. Cresyl violet confers a violet tone to atomic chromatin and Nissl substances. This arrangement is magnificent for imagining neuronal cell bodies and glial cores.

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