pBridge plsamid

Properties Form: dust Quality level: 200 Colour: white to off-white Solubility: acetic acid: water: soluble, transparent, colorless Featured Industry farming Environmental Action mode: protein synthesis | interferes The spectrum of antibiotic activity: mushrooms Sent in: dry ice Storage temperature: −20 ° C SMILES chain Cl [H] .CN (CC [C @@ H] (N) CC (= O) […]

Zeocin, Selective antibiotic

Specification Concentration: 100 mg⁄ml, 100 mg⁄mL Kind of product: Selective antibiotic Agent: Zeocin ™ Validated application: Eukaryotic selection / Generation of stable cell lines, bacterial selection Product line: Zeocin ™ Form: Liquid Duration: 12 months Quantity: 50 ml Reagent type: Antibiotic (selective) Culture Type: Mammals, Insects Content and storage Storage conditions: -5 to -20 ° […]

Sambucus nigra (Elderberry) Lectin

Sambucus Nigra (elderberry bark) Lectin (SNA, EBL), fluorescein (FITC), is bright green SNA-fluorophore conjugate. ANS belongs to the group of type 2 ribosome-inactivating proteins and is composed of an A chain with enzymatic activity and a B chain with carbohydrate-binding activity. ANS can induce apoptosis through the caspase-dependent pathway at low concentrations. This effect depends […]

Native Type II, Collagen Detection

Resume Objective: The objective of this randomized controlled study was to evaluate the efficacy of oral native type II collagen treatment on symptoms and biological markers of cartilage degradation when administered concomitantly with acetaminophen in patients with knee osteoarthritis. Materials and methods: 39 patients diagnosed with knee osteoarthritis were included and were randomized into two […]