Plant Preservative Mixture

What is Plant Preservative Mix (PPM)? Plant Preservative Mixture (PPM) is a broad-spectrum biocide for plant tissue culture. PPM™ is the ultimate solution for the endless fight against airborne, waterborne and endogenous microbial contamination. About The Vegetable Preservative Blend (PPM) PPM™ is a heat-stable biocide/preservative that can be used to effectively prevent or reduce microbial […]

Rabies Ag

Rabies is a viral, zoonotic, vaccine-preventable disease. Once clinical symptoms appear, rabies is virtually 100% fatal. In up to 99% of cases, domestic dogs are responsible for transmitting the rabies virus to humans. However, rabies can affect both domestic and wild animals. It is spread to people and animals through bites or scratches, usually through […]

Direct PCR (Tail)

Details Viagen’s DirectPCR® DNA Extraction System is a one-tube system for the rapid preparation of DNA from mouse tails, earpieces, yolk sacs and culture cells. Patent-pending components developed by scientists at Viagen Biotech Inc. allow the resulting DNA extracts to be compatible with genomic PCR for genotyping. Crude extracts from biological samples are not compatible […]

Cry1Ac/Cry2A combined ELISA kit

The ranchers benefited hugely from decrease in the quantity of bug spray applications,subsequently diminishing openness for rancher to such unsafe insect sprays, and added to a more feasible climate and better personal satisfaction (James, 2014). Presentation The transgenic crops have beenintroduced into the market as naturally safe nuisance control choice to satisfy the rising interest […]


SILAC media is arranged explicitly for naming analyses including the utilization of stable amino corrosive isotopes. Athena gives a few of the most ordinarily utilized media without L-arginine, L-lysine, L-leucine and L-methionine, the four generally usually utilized weighty isotope marked amino acids. Powdered Formulations The SILAC fixings are processed to a fine molecule size, mixed […]

Fd Neurotechnologies Inc FD RAPID GOLGISTAIN KIT SMALL Fd Neurotechnologies IncSupplier Diversity Partner FD RAPID GOLGISTAIN KIT SMALL

Golgi-Cox impregnation1, 2 has been one of the best methods for concentrating on both the typical and strange morphology of neurons as well as glia. Utilizing the Golgi strategy, unobtrusive morphological changes in neuronal dendrites and dendritic spines have been found in the cerebrums of creatures treated with drugs as well as in the posthumous […]

Hemoglobin Depletion From Erythrocytes

HemoVoid gets from a silica-based library of individual blended mode ligand mixes (ionic, hydrophobic, sweet-smelling, polymer). The library was intended to work with frail restricting of proteins, considering quick elution from the framework with next to no foresight of the assortment of proteins contained in the beginning example. HemoVoid exhausts hemoglobin from red cell lysates […]